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Bugs - hed320 - 19-08-2015

Tell us any bugs you've experienced.

RE: Bugs - Kerakota - 11-09-2015

1. Sometimes loading screen loops, playing more than 1 song

2. Spectator mode bugs sometimes [Image: wfcFRcQ.jpg]

RE: Bugs - hed320 - 12-09-2015

Spectator mode should be fixed now other than that your still ableto see trails of the people that are in freeroam mode.
And i havent experience the loading screen looping so idk about that.

RE: Bugs - [FC|GG]Zeus - 13-09-2015

The setting "hideplayers ( include trails )" dont work 100%, the players are hidden but the trails not.

RE: Bugs - capdru - 30-04-2016

i found this bug where i bought the left shark playermodel but i coudnt colour it all i could do was sell and equip so i selled it and its still there and i got 30k credits and then i did it again please fix this

ps: a moderator totally didnt force me to this or something like that