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Tell us any bugs you've experienced.
1. Sometimes loading screen loops, playing more than 1 song

2. Spectator mode bugs sometimes [Image: wfcFRcQ.jpg]
Spectator mode should be fixed now other than that your still ableto see trails of the people that are in freeroam mode.
And i havent experience the loading screen looping so idk about that.
The setting "hideplayers ( include trails )" dont work 100%, the players are hidden but the trails not.
[Admin][FC|GG]Zeus: x)
Guardian Gaming Legend
i found this bug where i bought the left shark playermodel but i coudnt colour it all i could do was sell and equip so i selled it and its still there and i got 30k credits and then i did it again please fix this

ps: a moderator totally didnt force me to this or something like that
Loading screen is broken, spits out an error that includes your web API key. You might want to fix this soon.
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