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(19-08-2015, 04:29 AM)Steam name:The Other Improv Wrote: Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:62977644

Min playtime is 4 days check the hud in the bottom left.
Playtime at time of application:2 Days, 18 Hours. Have been a part of the server since November of 2016.

Age (15 Years or older): 17. 

Tell us a bit about yourself: Experienced admin with a lot of time down with servers on GMod, very friendly and responsible; however, I can be serious when it's needed.

Why should you be chosen to become Trusted?: Massive experience in the field of administration, understanding and trustable. Never liable to abuse or neglect my power or other players.

What can you bring to the server that no one else can?: General tranquility, swift punishment to offenders without causing a scene or drama, equality of players, no denotation of favoritism, punishment shall be equally given to offenders.

Do you have any previous experience with the Trusted rank?: No. But, if it helps, I have past admin experience: PonyLiving Admin, 4+ months | Equestrian Dreams Moderator, 2 months | [L|L] Moderator, 3+ months | Days of Equestria Staff Manager/Developer, 3+ months | Legend House Owner, Co-Owner, Staff Manager, 1+ year

Important Part(Be detailed!)
What is the role of a Trusted?: To ensure smoother gameplay for users on the server, preventing mic spammers, chat spammers and disrespectful players from plaguing the server. They are also there to give advice to players about things like BHop itself, or something involving server matters.

How would you handle with another Trusted abusing their powers?: Report it to a higher-up, typically a Staff Manager or Senior Administrator. It is not my place to complain, but to serve the right judgement towards other trusted users' abilities.

Who do you go to if you have any problems on the server? An Administrator, Super-Admin, Senior-Admin, or Owner.

What would you do if somone is spamming?: Warn 3 times over the course of a minute, if they don't comply, then I'll !gag or !mute for the amount of time needed.

Anything else you would like to add?:I am almost flawless in the field of administrative duties, feel free to pace me as long as you need.
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