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Moderator application
You should be trusted before applying for Moderator.

    Personal Information
  1. Steam name: DistantLegacy_

  2. Steam ID: (use http://www.steamidfinder.comSTEAM_0:0:59244555

  3. Playtime at time of application: 3d 01h 10m

  4. Age (15 Years or older): 15

  5. Tell us a bit about yourself: I try to make people happy and cheer them up if they feel bad, even in days where i feel pretty bad. Gaming is pretty fun too.

  6. Why should you be chosen to become Moderator?: I have a lot of past experience in the matter on multiple other servers and I am quite friendly.

  7. Do you have any previous experience with the Moderator rank?: Yes on 2 other servers. I reached Super Admin on one server and Head admin on another.

    Important Part(Be detailed!)

  8. What is the role of a Moderator?: To keep the server calm and a nice place to be. Mute/ Gag the people who choose to be annoying in the form of voice chat and text chat. Warn, kick and ban people who choose to keep being annoying and teach them a lesson.

  9. How would you handle with another Moderator abusing their powers?: I would gather proof of it in the form of screenshots and maybe a video then i would pass it on to someone higher in the ranks for them to deal with it.

  10. Who do you go to if you have any problems on the server?: anyone i have on my friends list who is online, if no one are online then i would make a note and tell them when they are back online.

  11. When would you ban someone (and for how long)?: If after 3 warns (after the 1 hour ban), the bans would double in time.

  12. What would you do if people are spamming?: Mute them and gag them for the respective amount of time. depends on how much they spammed.

  13. Anything else you would like to add?: LegeNd still is real bad at bhop. I ban all of the little nerds who need noscoped. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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