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Well, this went from a simple question being asked to finding some staff abuse so thats a cool first impression of the server. Honestly wasn't going to really write this but oh well I have spare time to kill and if anyone else has the same experience like me, i'm sure they will do the same and just find a different server due to lil mods who think that they are gods of the server because they have a mod rank. 
Well you wanted me to post this so here we go. His steam ID btw just in case this will actually get sorted and not just ignored. STEAM_0:0:74494705

Went from a simple question to a him admitting to a bit of abuse. Nice first experience on the server.[Image: F81A3432DEB6DE987F8F73BE8CE603733F6CFE61]
Ok so I joined a server everything was ok until a guy justa joined the game and asked a mod Ness who am I? Then Ness replied that im some autistic kid at that point i didint understand how he knew I had the condition they kept bullying me then justa wanted ness (his friend to crash me) also known as abusing although I didnt do anything wrong they were bullying me, and then I assked do you abuse? then he crashed me while I was playing 40minutes on one map they ruined my self confidense, my progress I want something done to them for bullying me
(22-09-2015, 05:32 PM)Kerakota Wrote: Please post here in case of players breaking the server rules, insulting you, hacking etc. Please provide some kind of proof like screenshot and describe the situation, so we can look into it.

I am not sure if this breaks the rules but i was playing on the bhop server and there also was this guy called Mr.S and he typed rtv couple of times and i didn't type rtv. after some time i got a notification that i got kicked by Mr.S and he changed the map when i was connecting and when i connected back i asked if he kicked me to change the map and he muted me with no reason.

screenshot of the mute.

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